NMBCS High School houses our 9th- 12th grade students. Our goal is to challenge and inspire our students to appreciate learning, think critically, apply knowledge, and grow in wisdom and understanding, with the goal of preparing students to succeed in college and/or career while impacting their world for Jesus Christ.  Students are given 90 minute blocks for instruction 4 days a week and 45 minutes on Wednesday when we have chapel.  Teachers have multiple grades in their class subjects in order to directly teach one group while another group works independently.  All students are given support academically, but are also of an age and grade level expectation to work independently unless assistance or clarification is needed.  These courses are required for graduation credit in South Carolina.

All students follow the Bob Jones University and A Beka curriculum, unless another program or curriculum is available for particular extra-curricular subjects.

Our curriculum during the high school years includes:

College Preparatory (CP) Courses- These courses are the means by which college bound high school students may better meet the more stringent scholastic requirements for entry into colleges and universities.

Honors Courses– The honors curriculum places emphasis on critical and analytical thinking, rational decision making and inductive and deductive reasoning. Honors courses are offered in English, Math and Science.

Dual Credit Courses– These are courses that are offered to our students that are applicable towards a baccalaureate degrees or associates degrees offered by accredited institutions.

Mission Hours– Each High School student is required to complete at least 15 mission hours per year throughout High School. Part- time High School students are required to earn at least 5 mission hours per semester each school year.

College Preparatory Track– Applies to all student fulfilling the South Carolina  High School Graduation Requirements plus the additional recommended courses for success at a four year college or university. This track will be designated on the diploma and it involves more advanced levels or the core academic subjects.

Required Subjects:

  • English/Language
  • Math
  • Sciences (with labs)
  • US History
  • Economics
  • US Government
  • World Cultures
  • Other Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Public Speaking
  • Fine Arts
  • Bible
  • Electives

NMBCS expects students to grow to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ; To be academically prepared for the college or career of their choice; To be engaged and impact their world positively their own unique talents and abilities; To develop a biblical worldview and thorough knowledge of Scripture to share and defend their faith; To possess the critical thinking skills, creativity and confidence to handle both opportunities and adversities;  To love and serve others consistently and to model the Character of Christ in all areas of life.