1. Meeting State Standards

NMBCS is a private institution and is not bound by the same standards as South Carolina Public Schools; however, we do use the SC Standard as a base line of the minimum a class/subject/curriculum should entail. We constantly research to make sure we meet the highest standards available and try to exceed them when possible.

2. Certified Teachers

We do employ certified teachers at NMBCS, but it is not a requirement at this point. Our accrediting association, SCISA, requires that all teachers have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree and/or teaching certificate. Specifically, for our Elementary/Primary school, we do request that our teachers have an education degree, specifically elementary/early childhood education degree, and being certified is encouraged. For our Middle and High School we think a little differently. While having an education degree is nice, there are some professionals that might be better equipped to teach than even some certified teachers (e.g. a professional who has a degree and has actually worked in a field that is complimentary to their teaching ability). We also continually encourage our teachers to pursue professional development and continue their education. Teachers are learners first, and we hope to bring that out in our teachers, which in turn is instilled into our students.

3. Challenging Students

We receive a variety of students who measure all over the scale on their academics, and while we expect a certain amount of academic rigor for all students, we also realize that not all students have been created the same. We strive to meet our students where they are academically and push them to their peak academic performance. We keep our teacher to student ratio at about 1:10 usually try to keep our class size to 14 (High School classes may vary). Challenging students does not stop at academics but rather continues on into their spiritual life and walk with Christ, their athletics, and their development as a contributing person to society. We want our students to walk away from our school better than they imagined they could be.

4. Student Expectations

All students are expected to measure up to the academic rigors and behavioral policies of NMBCS. Students are held accountable of their actions in the class room, on the field in athletics, and in their daily lives. All students must abide by the NMBCS student handbook and are responsible for knowing and understanding all the rules, policies, and procedures that are contained thereof (e.g. respecting authority, following the dress code, completing assignment, etc…). Outside of the handbook, there are also individual classroom policies that students are expected to abide by. These are at the discretion of the teacher and may consist of, but are not limited to, how to enter the class room, how to turn in work, assignments to complete at the beginning and ending of the class, etc… Students are also responsible for their own work. Teachers will give schedules, assignments, and syllabi at the beginning of a course (elementary will differ).

When students do not meet the expectations set forth in the handbook, disciplinary/correct action will be taken by the administration to remind students of appropriate behavior.

5. Technology

NMBCS is constantly researching technology, looking at trends, and then seeing what is applicable to our school and using it to further our student’s opportunity to learn and grow. Our headmaster, Benjamin Rhodes, served in the IT field and worked for Palmetto Christian Academy in their IT department and has brought much of that experience with him to NMBCS. We look at technology as a way to improve the education of our students, not as a way to fill time and keep them busy. Examples of our commitment to technology in the class room would include, a Mobile iPad Lab to bring from class to class for students to use, projector equipped class rooms, Mimio Smart Boards, and a fully functioning computer lab. In this lab our students learn essential computing skills, complete research for other classes, and are prepared for college/workplace where they must be proficient in office applications.

6. College Acceptance

Private schools have the advantage of being able to work closely with students in accomplishing their goals to further their education. At NMBCS we strive to make sure our students are accepted into the school of their choice. Being accredited by the South Carolina Independent Schools Association gives our students the opportunity to be accepted into some of the highest and most regarded schools in our country. To date, NMBCS has students who have been accepted into UNC Chapel Hill, Notre Dame, Clemson University, and many more. The previously mentioned universities all fall into the top 1% of research schools in the country. We believe that through hard work and dedication, any school you would like to attend is possible.