Includes grade K3 - K4

New Student Enrollment    $100

Re-Enrollment Fee                $75
(For existing students)

Annual Tuition                        $3,770

Resource Fee                          $350


Includes grades K - 5

New Student Enrollment      $100

Re-Enrollment Fee                     $75
(For existing students)

Annual Tuition                       $4,170

Resource Fee                              $500


Includes grades 6 - 12

​New Student Enrollment        $100

Re-Enrollment Fee                       $75
(For existing students)

Annual Tuition                          $4,485

Resource Fee                                $500


  • Tuition can be paid in full before the school year (to be paid in front office)
  • Tuition can also be paid in a 10-month or 12-month payment plan (to be paid online through SmartTuition)
  • All fees are due before the start of the school year



There are several DISCOUNTS available to NMBCS Families!

1 Student:             No discount
2 Students:          The second student gets $300 off tuition
3 Students:          The third student gets $600 off tuition
4 + Students:       The fourth or more student gets all tuition off, but must pay fees

Children of full time pastors and NMBCS Alumni receive a discount A Discount of 10% is given if tuition is paid in full.